Southeast Community College Moodle Support

Help! My Course is Missing!

Instructors are asked to make course available to students by 8 a.m. on the first day of the quarter. Some may make the course available earlier, but many will not.  So please wait until after the start of the quarter to report a missing class.

So, what do you do if your course doesn't show up there? Here are some tips:

  1. First, make sure that the course has officially started. Some courses have different start dates, so check those dates by looking at your course schedule in the WebAdvisor section of The Hub.

  2. Second, make sure you are enrolled in the course. Check this by looking at your course schedule on the WebAdvisor section of The Hub.

    • If you are not registered for the course, you must get registered before you will have Moodle access to the course. Add the course via WebAdvisor or The Hub if you are within the timeframe to do so. Otherwise, contact the registration office to do so. You might need permission from the instructor, too.
    • Registration information can be found online at
    • You can call 402-437-2605 for more information regarding registration.
  3. If you are registered for the course but still do not see it listed on your My Moodle Courses tab, start by contacting your instructor and letting him/her know that you don't have access to the class on your My Moodle Courses tab. Your instructor can check to see if you are listed on the course roster in Moodle and can also check to see if student access to the class has been enabled.

  4. If you are enrolled in the course and you cannot seem to get access after talking to your instructor, contact one of the following. Be sure to provide your full name, SCC student ID number, email address, and the specific course(s) you are missing access for (please include full course number and section ID such as BSAD-1010-WBL5).